Strategy & M&A

Leverage our technology to make your corporate strategy and M&A roadmap future proof

Understand and benchmark any competitor within seconds

We provide you with detailed financial analysis and deep qualitative insight making your competitive analysis easier than ever before

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Use our rich database of company profiles for deep market mapping

Through extensive filtering options and intuitive tagging you can identify a set of relevant target companies or competitors in no time

Gain deep transparency on the strategic moves of your peers

We keep a close eye on your competitors. Be the first to know about their latest add-on acquisitions and strategic moves

Find potential M&A targets (private or PE-owned)

Find new companies that aren’t on your radar yet. Our team of analysts is backed by powerfull technology and scans the market 24/7 looking for family- and PE-owned companies that could be a good M&A target for you

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Track your competitors' financial performance in real time

Follow your competitors and get notified once they have published new financials. Leverage our extensive dataset to compare performance across KPIs and over time

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Get a quick understanding of the dynamics in adjacent niche markets

Looking for a deep dive on a niche industry? Our market reports give you a comprehensive overview of an industry. Populated on the basis of powerful C-level interviews

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Join the digital revolution in private market intelligence

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