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Professionalize your business development with superior visibility on deal situations

Gain superior knowledge of private markets and assets

With capital allocations to the non-listed segment at record heights, visibility on private assets is more important than ever. We can help you create that insight, as no-one knows private companies like we do.

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Understand the competitive landscape within seconds

Assessing which ‘horse to bet on’ or looking to develop a view on interlopers? Mapping a competitive landscape can be very time-consuming. Luckily, we have done it for you already.

Take your conversations with PE sponsors to the next level

Our granular portfolio-level PE data is a true game-changer for sponsor coverage. Preparing for sponsor meetings has never been easier and it is a must-have for your business development efforts.

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Position for deals early with our filters and algorithms

In a fiercely competitive legal landscape, you want to position yourself early. Our workflow solutions enable that by flagging opportunities. Also, use our proprietary algorithms to anticipate sponsor exits.

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Better sponsor and management dialogue with our industry insights

For any business you encounter in a legal context, chances are we have conduced a deep market study on its industry. This business insight enables you to have a better dialogue with key stakeholders.

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Join the digital revolution in private market intelligence

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