Turn our platform into your fully tailored sourcing engine

Stop searching for sweet spot opportunities - let them find you

No more sifting through the haystack trying to find interesting businesses

Define your bespoke matching criteria with just a few clicks

Use our advanced filters to specify your matching criteria. You decide on the level of granularity. We immediately show you the opportunities that are right in your sweet spot today.

Receive notifications on new matching companies

Imagine a promising business for which we discovered new data, making it your perfect match. We update you right away, so you will be the first to know – months or even years earlier than before.

Be the first to know about updated financials

We continuously scan public registries as well as alternative data sources for any new signs of growth. Financials are ready to be downloaded to Excel. Any source documents, including annual reports, are ready for your further analysis.

Visualise your data through interactive charts and dashboards

With Gain.pro, you truly create an insightful dashboard of the opportunities that matter to you. Benchmark your known and new business leads and immediately spot any relevant developments.

Create a bespoke experience for every member of your team

Every team member can have a different focus, whether that is about industries, geographies or size ranges. That is why Gain.pro enables you to set up a unique environment for either single colleagues or parts of the team.

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