Boost client value by providing a differentiated perspective on the back of our data and insight

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Develop a view on private companies within minutes

Through advanced technology and deep industry expertise, we offer comprehensive company profiles. These include detailed financials, up-to-date ownership, business model assessment and much more.

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Use our rich database of company profiles for quick market mapping

Through extensive filtering options and intuitive tagging you identify a set of relevant target companies or competitors in no time.

Kickstart any due diligence with our niche industry reports

Our in-depth research reports are enriched by C-level interviews. Like this you can skip the first phase of your study and focus on the really ‘juicy details’ rather than understanding the 101 of an industry.

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Elevate your conversations with PE firms

You gain full visibility on ‘who owns what’. We provide extensive portfolio analysis at fund, sector and country level so that you are always on top of the financial sponsors that matter to you.

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Develop your pipeline by being the first to know about future deals

Through our proprietary ‘exit timing’ algorithm you know which deals are likely coming to market. Leverage it to open the dialogue on sell-side transaction support well before the RFP goes out.

Conduct outside-in strategic portfolio reviews for PE clients

Our highly granular insight into PE portfolios enables a wealth of client development opportunities. Spot opportunities for post-acquisition support well before your competition does.

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