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Elevate private market visibility and let your staff focus on where they add most value

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Gain superior knowledge of private markets and assets

With capital allocations to the non-listed segment growing to record heights, private market visibility is more important than ever. We create that visibility, as no-one knows private companies like we do.

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Bring the strategic dialogue with your clients to the next level

Benchmarking companies or identifying peers? We help you via our easy filtering and tagging options. Customized lists can be created instantly with extensive benchmarking available at your fingertips.

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Automate market mapping ‘grunt-work’ to free up resources

Mapping the competitive landscape can be an arduous task. Automate ‘grunt-work’ and let your highly skilled staff focus on where they can add most value.

Think like your PE clients

Our granular portfolio-level PE data is a true game-changer for sponsor coverage. Investment sweet spot? Exit likelihood? We enable ultra-focus when it comes to origination and buyer prioritization.

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Discover and understand attractive niche industries

Looking for a deep-dive on a niche market? Most likely we have a research report available. Populated on the basis of deep market inteligence and enriched by powerful C-level interviews.

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Find your next deal before it finds you

Use our advanced filters to get continuous updates on relevant assets. We highlight the opportunities that are interesting to you today and tomorrow. With this, you identify your next transaction before anyone else.

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Build your winning software stack through our API

The smartest advisors build a differentiated stack by combining multiple SaaS-tools into a bespoke solution. Easily integrate Gain.pro with your CRM and our API is ready for any tailored use case.

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