No one offers private market insight like we do

Unparalleled intelligence on private companies, the markets in which they operate and the investors that own them

Powered by technology

We gather reliable data that is continously enriched and updated. Our intelligent extraction, tracking and prediction algorithms are self-learning.

Unique data model

Our data is structured exactly the way you need it. Because we were in your shoes, we know the output you require and built our data graph around it.

Human in the loop

Our local-for-local analysts guarantee high-quality analyses. Building on our economies of skill we gather proprietary intel you find nowhere else.

Full source transparancy

You require data traceability and certainty about the trustworthiness of our output. We provide a full audit trail for every data point on our platform.

Leverage our high-quality data to create winning angles

Get yourself a head start with more private market transparancy than ever before

In-depth company profiles

Develop a view on private companies within minutes

Through advanced technology and deep industry expertise, we offer comprehensive company profiles. These include curated financials, up-to-date ownership, business model assessment and much more.

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Portfolio insights

Gain full visibility on financial sponsors and their deals

Do you require deep insight into PE firms? Whether you are looking to find buyers or anticipate exits, our data can make all the difference. Then, automate your work flows through our tracking and mapping features.

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Market research

Discover and understand attractive niche industries

We help you uncover attractive niche industries via in-depth research reports written by our in-house team, based on C-level interviews.

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Use our data well beyond the platform

API and integration

Continuously enrich your proprietary records

Looking for a single source of truth? Connect with your CRM and always be in sync. Or take it even further and let your data scientists create unique angles by working directly with our API.

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Export any data to Excel or PDF for analysis and sharing

Export all information for a given business to dive in deeper, or to share it with your team. Bring entire datasets into Excel, for any custom analysis you have in mind.

Join the digital revolution in private market intelligence

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