B2B Sales

Find new prospects and engage better through superior company insight

Find hidden prospects that match your ideal customer profile

Most unlisted businesses are hard to find – until now. Through advanced technology we map the private market for you. Our proprietary algorithms scan the market 24/7 looking for your next opportunity.

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Deeply understand your potential clients within minutes

Our extensive company profiles include curated financials, up-to-date ownership, business model assessment and much more. Use our intel to truly stand out in the way you engage with prospects.

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Target PE firms to engage with their portfolio companies

Private Equity is growing fast and offers an inroad to do business with all those companies they own. We provide all the information you need to get them excited about your product or service.

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Explore the niche industries of your prospects and clients

For any business you encounter, chances are we have conduced a deep market study on its niche industry. This enables you to understand your clients better and find new prospects in the same market.

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Automate your proprietary deal sourcing workflow

Find relevant companies earlier than your peers

Automate your deal origination workflow

Define your investment criteria with just a few clicks

Use our advanced filters to specify your matching criteria. You decide on the level of granularity. We immediately show you the opportunities that are right in your sweet spot today.

Be the first to know about new sweet spot assets

Imagine a promising business for which we discovered new data, making it your perfect match. We update you right away, so you will be the first to know – earlier than ever before.

Build your winning software stack through our API

The smartest investors build a differentiated stack by combining multiple SaaS-tools into a bespoke solution. Easily integrate Gain.pro with your CRM and our API is ready for any tailored use case.

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