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Gain financial insight

We include the P&L, cash flow and balance sheet items. It offers reported figures (when available) but we also actively look for alternative sources to enrich it. The full audit trail is available.

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Get a bird‘s eye view on company performance

Taking an investor perspective, how is this business doing? Use our quantitative assessment to immediately spot your match, or identify topics for further dililigence.

Immediately understand the business model

Stripped from any marketing lingo, we explain the company’s business model, revenue streams and client base.

Assess the competitive position

Understand the competitive landscape and how this player differentiates. Of course, you can dive straight into the profiles of its leading peers.

Find your inroads and build relationships

Management and ownership information is all laid out consisely. Use it to build relationships earlier than your peers.

Track mergers and acquisitions

A comprehensive deal history is essential for your work. We provide a full overview of company M&A, clearly separating platform (PE) deals from add-ons and divestments.

All our used sources available for you

We provide you with a full audit trail to all sources, whether these are annual reports, media sources or otherwise. This way you can follow exactly how we have put the financials and other data points together.

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Download the detailed Excel model behind the financials presented on the platform. We annotate each figure to make our data auditable. The perfect starting point to take your own view.

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Company fact sheets
Company fact sheets

Download company one-pagers. With one mouse click our detailed analyses are available in PDF so you can share them with people in- and outside your organization.

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Annual reports
Annual reports

Download the annual reports of the last five years directly from our platform at no extra cost. Always directly from the topco - we have already done that part of the research for you.

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