Develop a clear perspective on the industries that matter to you

Data-driven insights on attractive niches

Detailed market perspectives for deep business understanding

TIC in Europe

63 analysed companies

Build your view from the most granular data

Are you kickstarting a due diligence, preparing for a management interaction, or looking for acquisition targets? Our reports contain the relevant quantitative and qualitative views on industry dynamics, the competitive landscape and the major trends.

Access insights you find nowhere else through our CEO interviews

On top of our extensive data analysis, we conduct C-level interviews with the key players in the industry. These perspectives come straight from the boardroom and provide you with invaluable insight.

Gain a holistic understanding of a niche industry in just one read

Get a clear overview by sub-segment from our niche industry benchmarks

Every niche industry is broken down in sub-segments. Read up on the characteristics by segment and benchmark the performance of companies with sets of peers that are spot-on.

Understand the industry outlook

We dive deep into the growth potential of an industry, identifying positive and negative drivers. This is where our proprietary C-level insight provides an invaluable look into the future.

Save yourself weeks of deal mapping through our M&A overviews

All deals within an industry are tracked and documented. See which investors are active and how players are consolidating the market.

Dive deeper into any player through our extensive company profiles

After reading up on the industry, continue your research by having a look at the individual companies. We have deep profiles on all of them so you can develop a view on any of these businesses within minutes.

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See and access our sources

We provide you with a full audit trail to all sources including c-level interviews and media sources. This way you can follow exactly how we have put the report together. The ideal starting point for further deep-dive analyses.

Export the content you need for maximum flexibility

Full report
Full report

Download the full report to PDF, read it on the go or share it with people in- and outside your organization.

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The financials of all companies in the industry are ready to be downloaded to Excel. We annotate each figure to make our data auditable. The perfect starting point to take your own view.

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Company fact sheets
Company fact sheets

Download company one-pagers of all businesses in an industry. With one mouse click our detailed analyses are available in PDF so you can share them with your colleagues.

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