Gain full visibility on financial sponsors and their deals

Deep insight into investor strategies and portfolios

Elevate your sponsor dialogue through our insights

Understand capital availability with our fundraising data

We concisely track fundraising by investor and sub-strategy to identify the right pockets of capital.

Dive deeper into PE portfolios than ever

Nowhere elso do you find such deep asset-level information on a sponsor portfolio. It is the depth of analysis you always wanted, right there at your fingertips.

Track deal activity per sponsor

We track platform acquisitions, portfolio add-ons as well as any exits. Our clear seperation of those different deal types makes understanding at a PE’s deal activity a breeze.

Analyse portfolio performance

Building on our deep analysis of the underlying assets, we offer a new level of insight on the sponsor portfolio level. Next to all relevant KPIs this includes a prediction of the likelihood of a sponsor exit - be the first to know!

See who you should talk to

We keep track of the key individuals at private equity firms and show in which countries and industries they have done deals. We also visualise the portfolio companies that they are currently involved with.

Prepare your next meeting on-the-go

Our platform is built mobile-first and is easy to use on any mobile device. You get the same level of information and an intuitive user interface. This makes your ideal platform, also when you travel or are on the way to a meeting.

Join the digital revolution in private market intelligence

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