Oct 19, 2022

15:30 - 16:15 CET

The impact of technology on M&A

We take a different view on how technology, most notably AI, will disrupt the M&A market

Join Helen & Jolle to discuss

Over the past decade we have read numerous stories on how technology, and most notably AI, will disrupt the M&A market and even make M&A advisors largely redundant. The authors of these posts argue that the process of selling and buying, matching assets with buyers and setting the right valuation levels can also be done in an almost fully automated way, without the need of human intervention. We take a different view – we believe that technology designed to enhance the human process rather than make it obsolete will change the industry for the better. Join Jolle and Helen to discuss how with the adoption of the right M&A tech-stack, team resources can be freed up and re-allocated on projects that add significant value and provide additional personal development.

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Our speakers:

Jolle Wever
Jolle Wever


Helen Westerman
Helen Westerman

Head of Private Equity Intelligence DACH & Italy


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