Jul 13, 2022

15:30 - 16:15 CET

Finding the ideal tech stack in Private Equity

How can you significantly optimize your workflow through use of the ideal tech stack

Webinar overview

The financial industry has traditionally been rather slow and somewhat hesitant in adopting new technology and when some new technology is adopted, we often witness a mismatch between front office requirements and the ultimately procured solutions The private equity industry is not an exception to this and a significant proportion of organizations have been quite conservative in the adoption of new technology. This is ironic given investors have been heavily pushing digital transformation projects within their portfolio companies in order to achieve higher exit multiples while largely disregarding the topic for their inhouse operations. PE firms historically relied heavily on the relationships and strong networks of their most senior employees and trusted advisors without a real need for technology. However, this has recently changed, mainly driven by increasingly stringent LP requirements as well as overall increased competition. Join our VP Operations, Philip de Vusser to talk about how the ideal tech stack can significantly optimize your workflow and where you can place your focus.

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Our speaker:

Philip de Vusser
Philip de Vusser

VP Operations


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