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How to Define your Total Addressable Asset Pool (TAAP)

Why it is a crucial part to becoming a top performing PE. Every good investment professional loves to analyze markets. How big is it? How fast is it growing? What market share can my target achieve? That’s why it’s so surprising that many PE firms we talk to struggle with answering that basic question for […]

Gain.pro’s Inspiring Women in Tech

“Women shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves forward.” – Sarah Wood. Since joining Gain.pro earlier this year it became very clear, very quickly that I was in the company of two incredibly inspiring co-founders – one of which happens to be a woman. I have worked in technology marketing for over 20 years and although […]

Press release

Gain.pro poised for major global disruption of private companies intelligence market $10m in funding will accelerate growth of unique SaaS solution delivering unparalleled visibility and time-saving insights into private companies  Amsterdam/London, 12 May 2022:  Gain.pro, the market intelligence and software innovator delivering a wholly new level of insight into private companies, has reached a landmark […]

The tech tools that are revolutionizing the M&A Industry

There are often stories on how technology, and most notably AI will disrupt the M&A market and even make M&A advisors largely redundant. The authors of these posts argue that the process of selling and buying, matching assets with buyers and setting the right valuation levels can also be done in an almost fully automated […]

Podcast: Interview with our Co-Founder Nicola Ebmeyer

Gary: My guest today is Nicola Ebmeyer, who three years ago co-founded Gain.Pro, a European FinTech looking to become the Bloomberg of the private finance market. They’ve already amassed a stellar list of reference clients like Bain, McKinsey, 3i and BCG normally not going for such a young company. So Nicola, welcome to the StartUp to […]

Which sectors emerged as winners from the pandemic?

Growth is a key investment criteria for most investors out there. Resilience, defined as through-the-cycle performance, is also on the top of the industry’s list. But what about resilience to pandemics or sudden global supply chain shocks? We are pretty sure this was not a key consideration for many investors until 2020… In our proprietary […]

Private equity in 2021: a (record) year in review

2021 was a record year for the European private equity industry on many fronts. European PEs raised c. €90bn and invested almost €800bn in >7,000 deals. High levels of dry powder in combination with strong debt markets have led to crowded auctions and inflated valuation levels, especially for outperforming and resilient businesses. An important industry […]

The honest questions every investor should ask itself

In our last piece, we presented our view on the present and future of deal sourcing technology. To summarize, today it is in the same stage as CRM software was as at the beginning of the century. And soon, in-house deal sourcing will be in the same stage as CRM is today: either decommissioned or […]

Let’s unlock the benefits of deal sourcing technology

Welcome back. Last time we talked about the past and the present of deal sourcing. Now it’s the time to look ahead. But what do we see when we look at the future? The market is getting more and more competitive. Deals won’t be knocking on your door. And other funds are trying to beat you to the prize. […]

Deal sourcing used to be an art. Now it’s a science

Looking back on the past 16 months, I think it is safe to say two things. First, it has been a period of massive disruption. Something nobody could have expected. Second, the private equity (“PE”) industry has remained unscathed. Something everybody could have expected. Let’s rewind. When the pandemic hit in Q1 2020, deal-making fell […]

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