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Coming from the industry we blend finance & technology


Who we are

Gain.pro is a European fintech platform that was created to provide disruptive services to the financial industry. Blending technology with human analysis we identify, screen and benchmark private market assets and industries. Our platform is trusted by leading investors, banks and consultants.

The team

Combining finance and technology to deliver you the best insights

Our team is what differentiates us. It is a blend of people with top-tier backgrounds in private equity, investment banking and consulting combined with skilled designers and software developers. We know what you need and can implement tech-enabled solutions to your everyday business problems in an easy-to-understand format.
Frister Haveman
Former deal team of Bridgepoint and Gilde
Nicola Ebmeyer
Former Engagement Manager at McKinsey
Markus Heukelom
Former Product Owner of Yolt (by ING)
Ruud Mulders
Head of Product
Designed 15+ digital products
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The Gain.pro blueprint

Our code of working

Your health and wellbeing are more important to us than your work

We foster a sustainable balance which provides flexibility and planning security to give room to a fulfilling personal life. We care for each other, lighten things up with jokes and apologise if we feel we were too harsh. While rapidly growing, we don’t lose sight of having fun. Enjoy the ride!

Your contribution determines your progression

We strive for an international and diverse team, wherein we promote our people solely based on their work. We are a self-starting organisation. As a fast-growing venture there is plenty of room to accelerate your career – you determine your own destiny and the speed at which you get there.

We believe in lifelong learning and personal development

Coaching, an iterative way of working and feedback are on top of our agenda. Next to performance reviews we support you in developing your spike - something you feel passion for and that you can leverage to further scale the business. We believe in leadership by people, not spreadsheets.

Customer success is a personal goal for everyone

We put our clients first. The satisfaction of our users is put ahead of internal work. Everyone, clientfacing or not, feels responsible to turn customers into promotors.

We build the platform that we would love to use ourselves

We run an app that addresses the pain points of our clients with relentless focus on UX. We build great features based on clear client use cases. The quality of our insights is second to none because we combine the best research team with a whole new level of technology and digitalisation.

Client feedback is a gift

We listen to our customers and proactively request feedback from satisfied clients as well as detractors. If a client or prospect is not yet satisfied, it’s up to us to come back with something better.

We are a HQ-less, digital-focussed and remote-first company

We believe in the future of technology and leverage digital tools to hire and interact with the best talent independent of location. We foster radical transparency and open communication across the entire organisation. This month’s new intern can (and should) provide direct feedback to the CEO.

Everyone at Gain.pro is an entrepreneur

We embrace a culture of shared ownership and taking initiative. We see entrepreneurship as the endeavour of creating, owning or commercialising an idea, technology, service or product. Entrepreneurs see possibilities where others see problems, they take the idea and execute it. What to do, we decide together. Where, when, and how to do it, you decide yourself.

Relentless focus on effective allocation of resources and bottom-line impact

We manage based on facts and numbers. This means we continuously challenge how to best deploy our scarce resources. We ensure the unit economics make sense and we are more frugal than a corporate. We love to make bold investments if they are backed by a tested business case.


Deal origination on a European scale

With offices in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Paris (coming soon) we operate on a European scale.
Wibautstraat 137-D
1097 DN, Amsterdam
64 Nile St
N1 7SR, London
Mainzer Landstraße 178-190
60327 Frankfurt
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